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About Seofrugal

Our Mission

Always keep the bar higher than yesterday’s success, and strive for greatness, glory, and financial abundance.

Simple: to make sure your company wins with both consumers and the search engines. We want your brand to shine and earn you as much profit as possible. Each company is treated with individual care and attention, making sure that your plan is organic and profitable. No one size fits all strategies with us; your success is all that matters to us. We spend long, grueling hours on each client’s project, ensuring success. We never stop until your needs are not only met but are exceeded.

Our mission is to make you the best as you can be. To take your products and services, and put them in front of millions of people, while creating an experience that gets the click and the sale. No matter what you sell, what your specific needs are, we can and we will take your business from small scale to large and place your business where you want it to be. If you’re an established company, then get ready to fly higher, and achieve more success using our methods.

Our Team


We are a group of highly skilled and experienced SEO, marketing, and branding experts who know how to make both large companies and small businesses to win big. We know how to create content that gets the click while keeping the search engines happy, and your bottom-line soaring. Each member of our team possesses Google Certification and has years of professional experience. From an early age, we fell in love with internet marketing. The desire to succeed by creating campaigns that work is in our blood. Sometimes we look back at the old days with nostalgia, when keyword stuffing and mass link building was all that a person needed to win with the search engines. But, as the industry evolved, and the search engines got smarter, we stayed with the pace—guaranteeing that we never fell behind in the latest developments and proven strategies.


We’ve been called nerds, geniuses, and even dreamers. After all, we dreamed of owning a business that took companies like yours to the top and kept them there. We focused on creating a branding and marketing system that could be individualized according to your specific needs. We’ve worked with large industries, along with small businesses and webmasters of all sizes, stripes, and colors. We are a group of internet marketing professionals that believe in doing the right thing. We keep strict ethical policies and philosophies that guide our every step, every interaction we have with YOU, the client.


The main goal we want to achieve is direct: your happiness and success. Any monetary gain we make is secondary. This is our passion. Passion comes first in life, as you know. Like us, you brave the risky and unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship. If you are a large enterprise, your company’s roots are grounded in the pursuit of dreams and passions.
We are the perfect fit for your needs. We stand with you, and never give up until you reach your goals. Rest assured that no stone goes unturned, no strategy goes unnoticed—we do whatever it takes to ensure your company wins the hearts and minds of consumers while tapping into the vast and lucrative traffic coming from search engines and social media.


We work on your trust. Your satisfaction is our first priority. We always work to create something new and creative that increase your business revenue. We serve honesty, uniqueness, and modernization that put us at top of all other leading companies. We deliver what we promise you.


Meet with Our Best Experts



team member
Mr. Karan


team member
Ms. Anjali

SEO Specialist

team member
Mr. Pradeep

Senior Developer

team member
Mr. Anand

Business Analyst

Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase
Excellent Support

Seofrugal provides complete Digital Marketing Services and Solutions for Your Business.

Awesome Team

Seofrugal has a great team that provides you the guidance to achieve your desired goal.

Faster Performance

Seofrugal helps you to improve the Rankings of Your Business Website in the fastest way.

Our Vision


Simple: to make sure your company wins with both consumers and the search engines. We want your brand to shine and earn you as much profit as possible.

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